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I Promise
I promise the sun will always rise,
To warm you and to guide you,
To chase away the shadows,
Of yesterday’s nightmares.
I promise the grass will always be green,
No matter what side you choose,
Whether it be the dead of winter,
Or the worst drought of the century.
I promise the moon will always shine,
Even on the darkest of nights,
To protect you from the unknown,
That lurks within the darkness.
If the time may come however,
That the sun does not rise,
Or the grass becomes brown,
Or the moon fades away...
I will become the warmth you miss,
I will become the color you seek,
I will protect you from the unknown,
You will never have to be alone again.
I promise.
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Hinata Attempt by herofrozen1 Hinata Attempt :iconherofrozen1:herofrozen1 0 0 Asuma Drawing by herofrozen1 Asuma Drawing :iconherofrozen1:herofrozen1 1 1 Deviant ID by herofrozen1 Deviant ID :iconherofrozen1:herofrozen1 1 0 Yellow Bear the Spokesman by herofrozen1 Yellow Bear the Spokesman :iconherofrozen1:herofrozen1 1 2
The World of Cirque
“No mail, that sucks,” Gordon exclaims, “not even a lousy bill.”
Meet Gordon, a 23 year old male straight out of college living in Frowns, California. He’s a typical college grad, with a typical job, always hoping for a letter from his ex-girlfriend back at Smiles Higher Institute of Technology. Other than going to work, sleeping and eating, the only thing Gordon has to look forward to are video games. He subscribes to Gaming Bi-Monthly Weekly, and owns all the latest gaming systems. Typical college grad.
“Hey Gordon, what up bro? You’re home early!” shouts a voice from the kitchen.
“Jeff, dude, I told you not to leave your shit all over our apartment!” shouts Gordon as he picks up a pair of tighty whities and tosses them across the room, utterly disgusted.
Meet Jeff, a 24 year old college drop out. He works at the local Mickey Mart as a cashier. Jeff and Gordon are childhood friends from Smirk, CA and have lived with each other since G
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When you were Drunk
You lie there with your headache
Waiting on your chaser to work
To save you from your plastered ways
You feel the rumbles
Watch out now- here it comes!
You don’t look a thing like sober
But you order another one
Like you always did when you were drunk
Can we drink this fountain
I don’t know
Drunker now than the evening before
I know you won’t puke if you drink real slow
Drink some water
Hold it now, watch her blow
You wobble when you walk a straight line
Tripping over everything you started hurling
when you were drunk
when you were drunk
And sometimes you black out and dream of the life you used to live
when you were drunk
They say the devil’s water, it tastes real sweet
You want another drink right now
But they decide to cut you off
It’s time to try another bar
You lie there with your headache
Waiting on your chaser to work
To save you from your plastered ways
You feel the rumbles
Watch out now- here it comes!
You don’t look a thing like sober
But you ord
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Women through the Door
Picture a blue door,
One just your height,
Maybe it has a brass knob,
I really matters not.
Now open that door,
And walk on through.
“Where am I?”
You wonder and
Realize where you are.
You are inside your own mind,
Reviewing you fantasies,
Your desires,
For a certain vision,
A woman.
:iconherofrozen1:herofrozen1 0 1
It’s three in the morning,
Know what I’m doing?
I’m sitting here,
And all that’s on my mind is you.
You’re racing through it,
Like a mouse on a wheel,
Around and around,
Going no where fast,
Like my heart,
The very same heart that has fallen for you.
I can’t help it,
Just the way things happened.
You’re so beautiful,
So perfect,
In everyway,
I can’t think of one thing,
One thing I’d change about you.
Maybe there is one thing,
It’s nothing that couldn’t happen,
With a little hope,
A little magic.
All I want to change,
Is the figure in your heart.
I know it won’t happen,
But you’re all I want,
All that I need,
I long for you,
And when you want something,
As bad as I want you,
And you can’t have it,
No matter what…
It hurts.
And this hurts,
Knowing all that I write is true,
But it’s all good,
We’re still friends right?
As long as I have you,
In some way, shape, or form,
I will be ab
:iconherofrozen1:herofrozen1 1 2
May I?
Hey young lady,
I’ve been watching you from across the dance floor,
Just over there,
And I have finally got the nerve to say…
Well, would you mind hearing me out?
First thing I noticed is you are a beautiful,
The most beautiful person I’ve ever laid eyes on,
And it is very hard to divert them with you in the corner of my eye.
Your smile;
I took just one glance,
And that’s all I needed to fall to my knees.
It just goes so gracefully with your third quality,
Your eyes;
You have the most beautiful brown eyes,
The kind you just see yourself drowning in,
Never to be let go from their inadvertent grip.
And please don’t take this the wrong way,
But your body,
You have the perfect figure,
Not too big,
Not too small,
Not too short or tall,
Just pretty damn perfect,
Perfect for the reason I came over in the first place...
You may think,
That I am just a little bit crazy,
And frankly,
I would have to agree, but,
I’ve been ensnared by
:iconherofrozen1:herofrozen1 0 0
I smile because you smile,
I cry because you cry,
Why does this happen?
I feel your pain when you hurt,
I feel your joy when you laugh,
Are we connected somehow?
I feel your love,
I feel your hate,
Why is it you and I?
I dream of you,
As you dream of me,
Is this what they call love?
As I hold you in my arms for the first time,
I feel as if this has been forever,
Like I knew it would feel this way,
Experienced this feeling somewhere before,
We must be meant to be,
I know you agree,
By the way you hold me in your arms,
This is real,
You and me,
We are definitely,
Meant to be.
:iconherofrozen1:herofrozen1 1 0


CM: History Buff by mongrelmarie CM: History Buff :iconmongrelmarie:mongrelmarie 17 11 Age Of Annihilation by ArtDoge Age Of Annihilation :iconartdoge:ArtDoge 1,093 33 Naruto Sexy No Justsu by sakimichan Naruto Sexy No Justsu :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 17,539 496 GaryMerchantofAsphodel by FenThing GaryMerchantofAsphodel :iconfenthing:FenThing 1 0
Eternal Hellfire - Chapter 1
Aurora looked around cautiously as she stepped out from her hiding space in what used to be an alley.  Walking around at night was a risk, but she had yet to find a suitable place to stay the night that would protect her from the light drizzle and the harsh wind.  She had never been in this area before, but after a half an hour of watching and listening she felt secure searching the area further.
The formerly busy square was now reminiscent of a graveyard.  The entire area seemed void of life.  Of the many buildings surrounding the square, none of them stood at their full height.  Several piles of rubble from dilapidated buildings spread into the square.  A broken fountain sat in the square’s center. In its current condition, the statue of an angel at its center was barely recognizable.  The angel’s head been knocked off and was lying on its side in the murky water that filled the base of the fountain.  One wing had been torn complete
:iconnooj-deathseeker:nooj-deathseeker 2 0
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Mature content
Lady Tsunade ... :iconmongrelmarie:mongrelmarie 2,342 443



William Coppola III
United States
Not much to tell, just ask if you have a Q.

Current Residence: Presque Isle, ME
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite cartoon character: Kenpachi Zaraki
Personal Quote: "You know you're drunk when you try flushing the tree..."
For all those who may or may not care, I am currently working on, yes, you guessed it, Chapter Two to the World of Cirque. I started it in class today, and I think it will go over well. I may start adding people i know in my story as minor characters, since Jeff and Gordon are really the only main characters thus far. Anyways, back to doing nothing! Lata!!!


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i need to work on copic markers

thanks for watching me on deviantwatch
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